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Our innovative Engine Carbon Clean service in Leicester uses the latest in
Hydrogen technology to help remove restrictive carbon build up from your engine.
Our service uses no harmful chemicals and no need to dismantle the engine.
A safe and proven method that helps restore performance and efficiency which is lost over time.

Carbon Cleaning

DPF Cleaning



Suitable for Petrol, Diesel, and Hybrids

Power and Performance

Is your vehicle down on power and efficiency? Carbon deposits are restrictive and removing them helps the engine to run and perform better.

Fuel and Efficiency

Have you noticed an MPG drop? Carbon deposits are restrictive to fuel efficiency. Cleaning can revive lost fuel economy.

Restore Engine Components

If you have a failing engine component, Cleaning works as a good preventative measure as well as also being able to restore component that are exhibiting signs of failure.

Excess Smoke / High Emission

Has your vehicle failed its emission test or smoke excessively? Removing carbon deposits help the engine to run more efficient which helps to lower emissions and reduce exhaust smoke.

Smoother Engine

Buildup of carbon can cause an engine to run rough and lumpy. Removing restrictive carbon build will ensure the engine runs a lot smoother and prevents excess wear and tear.

Save Money

A cleaner engine runs more efficiently and helps with potential repairs which can be costly as well as help reducing fuel bills due to being more economical.