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Why does your engine need additives ?

Hydroflow carbon cleaning has amazing results but it can’t tackle everything which is why we offer the different stages using the Millers EPP Range which helps to further clean the system. The EPP treatment clean and treat a host of components, enabling them to work efficiently.

Millers is a leading company in additives and the EPP range was specifically developed to help aid cleaning. These products are developed with a lot of research and testing to ensure effective results. These are specialist products that can’t be purchased in automotive shops.

Our Range of Additives


Stage 2

Injector Cleaner

Injector cleaner

Injector cleanliness is important as Carbon and lacquer deposits can build up over time resulting in restricted, dirty and contaminated fuel injectors. If fuel injection is restricted or disrupted by these deposits, this can affect engine performance resulting in poor engine efficiency and fuel economy. Using this maximum strength highly concentrated cleaning agent to remove deposits from the injection system to allow better atomization.

Benefits include

  • 98-100% Power Restoration
  • Restores Vehicle Power and Acceleration
  • Restored Spray Pattern
  • Reduces Exhaust Emissions
  • Cleans the Fuel Injection System
  • Maximises Fuel Economy
  • Fuel System Corrosion Protection

Stage 3

Injector Cleaner
System Clean and Protect

System Clean and Protect

An all in one fuel treatment. As the vehicle gets older and mileage increases, Carbon, lacquers and varnish build up inside the fuel system, crankcase, air intake and exhaust components. This build up doesn’t just impact performance and response, but also drivability in terms of smoothness and of course engine efficiency.

Benefits Include

  • Enhances combustion efficiency and engine cleanliness
  • Contains detergents and lubricity enhancers
  • Improves fuel economy
  • Increases vehicle power and restores lost power
  • Reduces emissions of hydrocarbons and carbon dioxide
  • Lowers engine noise
  • Improves throttle and engine response
  • Gives a smoother engine feel
  • Adds up to 2 octane Numbers for petrol and 4 cetane for diesel

Stage 4

Injector Cleaner
System Clean and Protect
Turbo and Exhaust Cleaner

DPF/PPF Turbo and exhaust cleaner

The additive made for diesel vehicles helps to clean the diesel particulate filter as it assists in the removal of trapped soot particles by lowering the temperature of regeneration. This helps as a preventative solution to prevent the DPF from clogging and increases the lifespan of the DPF.

The petrol additive also cleans the Petrol particulate filters by lowering the temperature of regeneration which removes soot build up.

Use of this cleaner also cleans turbochargers and where ever there is carbon in the exhaust system which it will help to clean away e.g. sensors.

EPP products are for trade use only and will not be sold separately for customer application or retailed online.