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Why does your engine need a carbon clean

Did you know that with each litre of fuel used in your vehicle, only 25% is used to generate performance from the engine!

The remaining 75% is wasted – generating mostly heat, highly contaminant gases and carbon residues.

These carbon deposits build up over time creating obstructions within the internal parts of the engine. Difficult to detect – these obstructions can at minimum result in increased fuel consumption, loss of performance and poor emissions.

Is your vehicle suffering from:

  • Loss of performance

  • Sluggishness and flat spots

  • Louder rumbly engine and lumpy idle

  • Smokey exhaust/MOT Emissions Failure

  • Increased emissions

  • Reduced MPG

  • Repair bills covering sticking turbos, EGR valve issues, swirl flaps sticking, throttle bodies

Using our Hydroflow treatment we can safely remove carbon deposits which helps your engine to run more smoothly and efficiently while prolonging the life of certain engine parts

You don’t need an engine management light on to have an issue with your vehicle – gradual lost power and economy applies to most vehicles we see with carbon build up – a simple Hydroflow decarbonization treatment and you get it back

How Hydrogen Carbon Cleaning Works

HydroFlow uses electrolysis to split water (H2O) into its base molecules – 2 Hydrogen and 1 Oxygen, creating Ortho-oxyhydrogen gas also known as HHO or Brown Gas

When inserted into the air intake of a vehicle, this gas acts as an additive – significantly improving the ignition of the fuel within the combustion chamber resulting in a bigger, more efficient burn. As the gas is passed into the intake it interacts with the carbon deposits breaking them down into smaller particles and turning into Hydrocarbons

Mixed with the heat of a running engine the Hydrocarbon will combust with the Oxygen making it possible for a chemical reaction to occur that burns of and disintegrates the carbon deposits resulting in its removal and exits through the exhaust system safely

Benefits from the service include:

  • Increased life span of the engine

  • Reduced maintenance and running costs

  • A smoother running engine

  • Regain lost power and acceleration

  • Lowering fuel consumption and emissions

  • Increasing reliability

  • Cleans Internal Components

The Hydroflow treatment works well as a maintenance and preventative treatment as it is removing restrictive carbon deposits that cause an impact to performance and fuel efficiency. Ensuring the engine is running at its best.

We use an industrial CE marked machine with proven results . Due to the design and technology Hydroflow is 100% chemical free meaning it is safe for your engine and has an impressive gas output of 2300 Litres per hour giving an effective clean.

Carbon Cleaning Stages

Hydroflow is a very effective treatment but Hydrogen cleaning alone cant tackle everything. That is why we have partnered up with a leading brand of additives to enhance cleaning and give more options. Offering different stages of cleaning which includes, fuel lines, injectors, system cleans, turbo and DPF additives. These additives are specialist products that are not found in automotive shops.

Stage 1

Stage 2

Injector Cleaner

Stage 3

Injector Cleaner
System Clean and Protect

Stage 4

Injector Cleaner
System Clean and Protect
Turbo and Exhaust Cleaner

More info on the different stages of clean in conjunction with the Hydro clean on our additives page.