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We offer DPF cleaning in Leicester. If you have any issues such as DPF warning lights or loss of power we can help to diagnose the issue and get your car back running to normal.

What is a DPF ?

A DPF filter is found in the exhaust system. The purpose to collect and trap the soot that comes out of the engine of a diesel car. The filter can only carry so much at a time so this is where the regeneration process comes into play which burn the soot inside the DPF so it can expel out the exhaust. This process only works in strict conditions which have to be met which are not always possible

Vehicles fitted with a DPF are designed to go through a regeneration cycle to clear out the soot automatically. Over time a DPF will block up due to incorrect driving conditions or faulty parts in the system which disables regenerations, if the fault is ignored it will cause the car to go into Limp mode.

Diagnosing the root cause is important. The DPF may be blocked by short journeys and just needs a clean or there is an underlying issue that needs to be addressed first. Which is why a diagnostics is essential before any clean

How the Hydroflow treatment helps the DPF as a preventative measure

If the DPF system is functioning then a Hydroflow treatment cleans the combustion chambers meaning the soot levels are reduced so the amount entering the DPF is lower. Hydroflow will also help to break down soot particles in the DPF so they are expelled easier when a regeneration occurs.

Blocked DPF (Regeneration can be performed)

Firstly a diagnostics is needed to determine the DPF fault. Frequent short journeys is one cause of the DPF being blocked as the optimum temperature for a regeneration is not met. At this stage the DPF soot builds up and after a certain blockage active regeneration is disabled

Faults in the DPF system will also disable a regeneration and cause the DPF to block up. Underlining faults would first need to be sorted to enable the regeneration process before any clean is performed

In this scenario we would need to check the DPF data to determine how blocked it is. If we feel the levels are within what the machine can help with and a force regen can be performed. Then we can run it on the machine where it sends pure hydrogen gas into the air intake and passes through the DPF which helps to break down the hard soot build up. Then we perform a force regen where the soot is now expelled which will lower the levels in the DPF.

Millers EPP DPF Additive

Using the Millers EPP Additive works well as a preventative and maintenance solution to reduce the DPF Clogging up as this specialist additive assist in the removal of trapped soot particles by lowering the temperature of regeneration